Academic Management

Academic Management


Awesome experience to manage institute academics

Doesn’t have to depend on teachers in order to track the academic progress for a class.


Improve the productivity of the teachers and provide the better experience to students and their parents by managing academic progress effectively.

With Cyborg ERP Academic management system, the teacher will plan his Lecture as according to the semester or for the entire session and can generate the lecture plan reports weekly, monthly and on yearly basis as per requirement and as per timetable setup. The student attendance will be automatically marked once he goes for the online exams rolled out by the teacher.


Cyborg-ERP Mobile App for Higher Education

Online classes can be conducted by the teacher in the situation when the offline classes are not possible. It provides the facility to the teacher to request his substitute who can take his upcoming classes so that he can take his leave. Teacher can also accept other faculty upcoming classes so that the other faculty can take leave. Teacher can also check if his attendance is not marked and can mark the attendance of the student. Teacher can check his timetable anytime. Scheduling extra class in case the syllabus is not completed on time or student needs extra classes.

Cyborg-ERP Academic Stakeholders

Within the Academic management the teacher can upload the assignment online, can provide the summary of the assignment to the management if they require it, depending on the assignment the teacher can put marking on screen against the uploaded assignment by students, known as On Screen Evaluation. The teacher and the other staffs can view the circular and notices. Under this module the teacher can enter the internal exams marks, practical marks, can provide the internal marks details, he can get the approval from Head of the department on this.

The Teachers and the students can be part of the Passion programs which is not associated with the course. The objective of this extracurricular activity is to enhance the student and teacher skills, which is a part of Academic management.  Mentor/Mentee is clubbed with Academic management under which a Mentee (student) is assigned to Mentor (teacher) so that apart from studies the Mentor (teacher) can help his mentee (student) on Academic/ Personal issue as well.


Cyborg-ERP Mentor Mentee Management System