CSS Minifying Security

Cyborg-ERP CSS minifying Technology

CSS Minifying Security

In order to speed up the website the magnification is used.  Script size can be reduced to 20% by using minimization which results in faster download time. It can be used to obfuscate the code which makes it difficult to read the code; therefore it becomes more difficult to copy the code or to do reverse engineer.

Use of CSS Minifying in Cyborg ERP

In Cyborg ERP for reducing the file size without changing how the CSS file executes in the browser CSS magnification process is used by removing the unneeded code from the CSS source files. Magnifications help the browser process and download the files more quickly; improving user experience and increasing page performance by stripping unwanted data from the CSS code.

There are many benefits to combine all the CSS files for a single website into one file. The number of HTTP request is reduced which are needed to get all the elements of a website. Zip compression and Magnification becomes more effective by using CSS minified.

Using CSS Minifying in Cyborg ERP helps to remove the nonessential characters which involve line breaks, comments, white spaces and block delimiters.

CSS Minifying Technology Cyborg ERP