Inforce Multi Facts Authentication


Enforce Multi Facts Authentication

Adding a layer of protection to the sign-in process that verifies the login or other transaction identities of users is called Multifactor authentication. Users have to provide additional identity verification, such as entering a code received by phone or scanning a fingerprint.

MFA is also known as two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA only used two of the available additional checks, whereas MFA use two or more than two checks to verify consumer identity.


It is very easy to compromise the traditional usernames and passwords. In fact, brute force and account takeovers are highly vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks.

Cyborg ERP provides MFA which is one of the most considered efficient ways of providing improved security in recent times is multi-factor authentication. Through multiple layers it is ensured that user demanding accesses are who they claim to be. If the cybercriminals steal one credential, they will be asked to verify identities in another way.


Better Security: It will provide additional security for students and employees in multiple security layers.

Boosted conversion: Through a streamlined authentication procedure the productivity becomes high which leads to increased conversions.

Improved customer trust: Deploying the extra security checks assures students and employees about their data.

Reduced operating costs: The risk of intruders from data breaches is reduced with increased number of security layers, leading to reduced investment.

Achieve compliance: in order to mitigate audit findings and avoid potential fines Specific to your organization.

Increase flexibility and productivity: It provides the ability to remove the burden of passwords which leads to better productivity.