Institutional Repository

Institutional Repository

Mostly Educational Institution uses an institutional repository which is an online place for collecting, circulating and conserving in digital form, the cerebral output of an institution.

Peer reviews, journal articles and digital versions of theses and dissertations features are included for Universities & Colleges. Administrative documents, learning objects and course notes are the digital assets generated by normal academic life might be also include in institutional repository.

It is open to the public as it is published online. General search engines like Google cannot retrieve academic journal articles which are only available to the subscribers. With the general search engines, the research papers in the institutional repository are fully accessible for free to the public.

In the entire world the universities and research centers are vigorously planning for the implementation of institutional repositories. This kind of planning involves legal, cultural, policy, educational and technical modules, all these modules are interrelated. Each of them must be thoroughly conveyed for the repository to succeed.

Main Purpose of an institutional repository is:

  1. A single location to collect the content.
  2. To provide global access for an institution’s scholarly research.
  3. After self-archiving provide open access to institutional research output.
  4. Unpublished institutional digital assets or other literature which can be easily lost can be also stored and preserve.

Cyborg-ERP can help University/College to streamline the Institutional Repository like collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution.