IP Authentication Security


IP Authentication Security

It provides strong security whose application is to all traffic crossing this perimeter when IPSec is implemented in a firewall or router by Cyborg ERP Solution. Traffic in a University or College does not incur the overhead of security-related processing.


When IPSec is implemented in the router or firewall by Cyborg ERP there is no need to change software on a user or server system. It is transparent to applications as IPSec is below the transport layer (TCP, UDP)

The upper layer software, including applications is not affected even if IPSec is implemented in end systems. For the end users the IPSec can be transparent.

All of the cryptographic algorithms which are in use today is supported by IPSec, it can also accommodate the new and more powerful algorithms when they become available. IPSec protocols used by Cyborg ERP can take care of the following security issues:


Data Origin authentication

It confirms that each datagram is originated by the claimed sender.

Data Integrity

Ensures that the contents of a datagram do not change during the transition, either intentionally or due to random errors.

Data confidentiality

Mask the content of a message, typically by using encryption.

Replay protection

It makes sure that an attacker cannot intercept a datagram and after some time play it back.

Management of Cryptographic keys and security associations by Automation

It makes sure that the VPN policy can be used throughout the wider network with little or no manual configuration.