MAC Address Authentication


MAC Address Authentication


Mac address is also known as hardware or a physical address. It consists of 12 characters, and it is a hexadecimal digit. The hexadecimal system consists of 16 digits which consist number from 0 to 9 and the letters from A to F. The first three groups of the digits identify the manufacturer whereas the last three groups of digits represent a serial number.

Authentication using MAC Address in Cyborg ERP

By using the feature of MAC address authentication or MAC address filtering most of the routers enable administrators to block or allow clients on the network. When a computer tries to connect to a network, the router authenticates the device MAC address. It means the router uses the MAC address to identify the computer, if the address is allowed through the filter, the router allows the computer to establish a connection with the network. Staff can also use authentication to protect their network, MAC filtering is especially important if the student or the staff do any banking or access other confidential information from their PC.