Prevent XSS Cross Platform Attack

Prevent XSS Cross Platform Attack When a malicious actor inserts data, like a malicious script, into content from a trusted website, this kind of injection attack is known as Cross-site scripting (XSS). The malicious code is then involved with dynamic content transferred to a victim’s browser. The most common cyber-attack types are XSS. The victim’s […]
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Prevent SQL Injection

Prevent SQL Injection In order to execute malicious SQL statements a type of injection attack is performed know as SQL Injection. Behind a web application these statements control a database. In order to bypass the application security measures the attackers may use SQL injection intrusion. They can fetch the content of the entire SQL database […]
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SSL/HTTPS Security Concern

SSL/HTTPS Security Concern SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers, is an internet security protocol based on encryption of the data. SSL encrypt the data travelling between a user and a web server. SSL stops certain kinds of cyber-attacks.  SSL Certificate SSL certificate works like an identification proof which is used by someone to proof his authentication. […]
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Faculty Performance Management System Cyborg ERP

Faculty Performance

Faculty Performance The aim of the faculty performance evaluation is to give prompt feedback to the faculty members on the areas of strength and the areas in which they need improvement. It also provides annual documentation of the faculty activities to help in preparing tenure and rank report, arrange goal setting and inspire faculty and […]
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Store & Purchase (Institutional Inventory Management System) Cyborg ERP

Store & Purchase Management

Store & Purchase Management Managing Institutional inventory manually is a time-consuming process. The probabilities of getting inaccurate calculation and discrepancy in data are high. In order to overcome this problem inventory management in educational institute plays an important role. Due to the centralized system, it is easy to keep the records and to track the […]
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Training and Placement Management System Cyborg ERP

Training & Placement

Training & Placement Students are interested in enrolling to those colleges who has a good training and placement cell. As this department is associated with the students’ careers therefore the role of training and placement cell is very important. The college with high quality placement attracts students as it brings many benefits and ample opportunities […]
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Digitize Examination Process with Cyborg-ERP

Examination Management

Examination Management System Conducting an examination in a College/University is a critical process. Through examination the faculties can gauze the progress and skill development in a student. It takes a lot of time and efforts of the institutional resources to organize an exam in College/University. Cyborg examination management system can help institute to conduct the […]
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Integrated Library Management

Integrated Library Management In order to manage all the functions of a library we need integrated library management software. It helps in automation of all the library activities. This software can handle, maintain, and organize all the books in a library systematically. All the records like number of books issued, number of books returned, renewed […]
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Cyborg-ERP IVR management system

Admission CRM Management

Cyborg Admission CRM Alluring students to your University/College/School and staying ahead from your competitors has become today’s necessity. Reason of using CRM in University/College As students are looking for a good career therefore, they want to join a course which can fulfill their dreams hence they have wide and vast range of enquiries which University/College […]
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Best Suited for All Type of Educational Institutes.

Academic Management

Academic Management Awesome experience to manage institute academics Doesn’t have to depend on teachers in order to track the academic progress for a class. Improve the productivity of the teachers and provide the better experience to students and their parents by managing academic progress effectively. With Cyborg ERP Academic management system, the teacher will plan […]
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