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Live Classes Management

Live Classes Management Streaming live online classes can improve the distance learning course and is a valuable resource for University/College online courses. It facilitates the students to attend live online classes in the comfort of their home. Although it is a real time broadcast, but the content can be recorded for the future use for […]
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Student Info. Management

Student Information Management System It is a challenging task to manage the attendance, leave, fee, performance and other students’ information in the institutions. Old practice of manually updating the student records slower down the process, there are chances of error, which can create miscommunication between students, parents and teachers. Many institutions are using student information […]
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Faculty Performance Management System Cyborg ERP

Employee Lifecycle Management

Employee Lifecycle Management This term refers to an employee’s journey with the company. It is an HR model that pinpoints the different stages a worker advances through in an organization in, and the role HR plays in improving that progress. It is important to keep a track of an organization’s employee lifecycle as it gives […]
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An Account management software automates fee collection and receipt generation. It also automates entries into the Institutions accounts, Fee & Finance Section

Fee & Finance Management

Fee & Finance Management Financial management plays an important part in education institution as any other system in the institution. The financial management has to organize the funding for employee salaries, student programs, events, maintenance of the building and grounds, classroom supplies which includes textbooks and technology. Finance is not only a major part of […]
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Biometric Attendance Management System

Timetable & Attendance

Timetable & Attendance An institute timetable is an essential aspect to run a school efficiently. In order to run an educational institute efficiently a well-organized timetable is mandatory. It helps the teachers and students to manage their class and time at school. With a well-organized timetable the teacher does not get too many classes in a […]
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IQAC / Outcomes Based Education

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education In the ongoing system of education, we are using the old syllabus which is being used by the educational institutes for years. Teachers and students are focused in scoring good mark in the examination. This old method will not provide skill and knowledge to the student by the end of the course. […]
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Institutional Repository

Institutional Repository Mostly Educational Institution uses an institutional repository which is an online place for collecting, circulating and conserving in digital form, the cerebral output of an institution. Peer reviews, journal articles and digital versions of theses and dissertations features are included for Universities & Colleges. Administrative documents, learning objects and course notes are the […]
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