Prevent Brute Force Attack


Prevent Brute Force Attack

There are many kinds of brute force attack methods through which attackers gets the unauthorized access and steals the user data which are as following.

Simple Brute force attacks, Dictionary attacks, hybrid brute force attacks, Reverse brute force attacks, credential stuffing.

There are various methods used by us to protect against known vulnerabilities like remote desktop protocol. To strengthen the security defenses and to safeguard the confidential information from brute force attacks we use Cryptanalysis (the study of ciphers and cryptography).


Cyborg ERP protects businesses from brute force attacks with its firewall.  Our software secures the business- critical web applications from advanced attacks that target known vulnerabilities. Our ERP solution keeps pace with the fast-growing security landscape, ensuring businesses remain secure every time new features and updates are released or new application programming interfaces (APIs) are launched.

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