Secure Algorithms Security

Secure Algorithms Security


A mathematical procedure used to encrypt data is known as encryption algorithm. The information is encoded into cipher text by the use of an algorithm and a key. To transform the data back into its original form there is a requirement of a ‘key’.

To ensure effective and secure authentication algorithms are an essential part of a technology, it also provide encryption and integrity. To avoid fraud prevention, unauthorized access to private and public telecommunications networks and user data privacy Cyborg ERP creates cryptographic algorithms and protocols.


There are various encryption algorithms that depend on various methods of encryption. The following encryption algorithms are used in Cyborg ERP encryption.


3DES Algorithm

RSA Algorithm

AES Algorithm

BlowFish and TwoFish

ECC Algorithm


Cyborg ERP Solution uses Cryptography that helps to protect the user data and identity from being read, it helps data from being changed, it ensures that the data originates from a particular party, it also helps in preventing a particular party from denying that they sent a message.