SSL/HTTPS Security Concern

Cyborg ERP Secure with SSL Encryption and https

SSL/HTTPS Security Concern

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers, is an internet security protocol based on encryption of the data. SSL encrypt the data travelling between a user and a web server. SSL stops certain kinds of cyber-attacks. 

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate works like an identification proof which is used by someone to proof his authentication.

Kinds of SSL certificates

There are many kinds of SSL Certificates. A single certificate can be used by single website or many websites, depending on the types like Single-domain, Wildcard, and Multi-domain.

There are different levels of validation of the SSL certificates like background check etc. The level of the validation changes as according to the thoroughness of the check.

About HTTP

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to load web pages using hypertext links. An HTTP request is the way internet communicates with the platforms such as web browsers ask for the information; they need to load a website.

Difference between HTTPS/SSL

When HTTP works along with SSL/TLS is known as HTTPS. HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP protocol which is used by the browser for the communication whereas the SSL is an encryption protocol which is used in order to encrypt the data.

Cyborg ERP Secure with SSL Encryption and https
Cyborg ERP Secure with SSL Encryption and https
How Cyborg ERP is secured with SSL/TLS?

Cyborg ERP is using SSL/TLS which encrypts the data that is transmitted across the web so that it can provide a high level of data privacy.  It is nearly impossible to decrypt the data as there will be jumbled characters if anyone tries to intercept the data. In order to ensure that both devices are the one who they claim to be, SSL initiates a handshake between two communicating devices for the authentication.

In order to provide the data integrity SSL digitally signs the data, before the data reach to its intended recipient it verifies that the data is not modified.